Union split further separates entertainment industry

Union split further separates entertainment industry

Over 100 of Australia’s leading movie actors have separated from the Actors Union of Australia yesterday, over claims of the union misrepresenting the industry in the global market.

Fred and Fiona Bloggs have spearheaded the formation of the Movie Actors Guild of Australia which now counts some of Australia’s biggest actors among its members.

“We needed a new union because the AUA was trying to minimise the hiring of overseas actors for parts in Australian films” Fred Bloggs said. “If producers can’t hire overseas actors they won’t be making any movies here anyway.”

Australia’s booming box office industry is heavily reliant on the “American market” for sustainable success and any segregation of international actors may restrict that progress.

“The Actors Union of Australia wasn’t treating movie actors right […] they represent the views of too many professions”

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